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Corporate Administration

We take care of all managerial, secretarial, administrative and accounting aspects, and ensure that your company remains legally compliant and fulfills its obligation each year with:

  • Statutory filings and general meeting requirement

  • Preparation, filing and payment of government fees

  • Notarization, legalization and super-legalization of corporate documents

  • Completion of share transfers or changes in directors and revising/updating of company's Memorandum and Articles of Association

  • Administrative functions on behalf of the client like: mail handling and mail forwarding, phone & fax answering, opening and operating of bank accounts, paying invoices, reviewing and preparation of corporate legal documents, liaison with local advisors for tax, legal and accounting matters

  • Liquidation services

In short, ILS will make sure that you comply with all due diligence, statutory, and jurisdictional requirements.