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Efficient Bank Accounts

Through our offices and partner offices on site, ILS is assisting in opening bank accounts in a fast and cost-efficient way.

To undertake a routine transaction or to access complex banking transactions, ILS has substantial and current commercial finance experience covering all use of banking and giving a clear and well understanding of the client’s businesses, the customer’s requirements and the banker’s duties to proceed easily to the conclusion of the settlement.

ILS can provide its assistance for:

  • Corporate, fiduciary and personal accounts;

  • Current & Saving accounts;

  • Deposit accounts;

  • Multi currency accounts;

  • Numbered accounts;

  • International SWIFT transfers;

  • Detailed bank movements;

  • Follow-up of day to day bank account transactions;

  • Assistance with Letters of Credits and Letters of Guarantee;

  • Provision of Online banking services;

  • Arranging loan and credit facilities;